Mosaici ceramici: Su Misura -
Mosaici ceramici: Allure - Peggy1
Mosaici ceramici: Geometrie - Dama
Mosaici ceramici: Mix - Mix Styling
Mosaici ceramici: Texture - Texture4
Mosaici ceramici: Tessuti - Reale
Mosaici ceramici: Colore - Metallica
Mosaici ceramici: Memorie - Memoria Ombra
Mosaici ceramici: Wellness&Pool - Mix Wellness&Pool
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ceramic mosaic tiles

Production is divided into complementary products, made using various production technologies that can be combined with one another. The “Monopressocottura” technique is based on the use of dry pressed glazes and clays for the production of the ceramic product. The high firing temperature guarantees exceptionally durable and hardwearing products, ideal for countless potential applications as floor or wall coverings, indoors or outdoors.


Appiani mosaics has actively promoted its products on the Italian and international markets since it was first founded in Treviso in 1873. After initially focusing on the production of friezes, pan tiles and bricks, widely acknowledged for their high standards of quality in Italy and abroad, it turned to the production of pressed powdered clay tiles at the turn of the 20th century and created new systems for processing and firing materials.


Appiani is a registered trademark of Altaeco Spa.